Classical/traditional sandcastings


General and specific characteristics:

Average wall thickness of minimum 4mm

Average quantity of 10-500 pcs called down per annum
1-10 mm tolerance for free casting, as a function of enclosing dimensions
Depending on the geometry it can be subjected to heat-treatment (pl.:T1-T7)
It can be casted in our foundry from 0,1 to 100 kg net weight of raw casting piece
Well-impregnable, we can provide for its surface treatment and processing in our plant
We accept manufacturing up to enclosing dimensions of 100X100X100mm to 1500X1000X500mm
Available alloys: silumin and other Al alloys - in conformity with ENAC, DIN, ASTM standards
We can provide for design/construction of production tools and technology in our plant
Technical drawings or 3D models are required for preparing an offer

Upon the customer's demand we deliver in ready-to-assemble state

Please contact us to get our quote or technical assistance.